Tuesday, 27 November 2007


This blog has been established to draw attention to the pernicious threat of Codex Alimentarius (Latin for 'Food Code'). This astonishing piece of Global Legislation is being driven by the Big Pharma & Big Farmer, under the guise of the World Trade & World Health Organisations, supported by the World Bank. This rapidly developing Food & Drug imperialism will be 'forced' upon unsuspecting nations, within the next few years, unless the people wake up to the magnitude of the threat and challenge their political representatives to resist this obnoxious Corporate agenda.

The Pharmaceutical industry has deep pockets. In 2002 the combined profits of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies exceeded the combined profits of the other 490 companies in the Fortune 500.

The ultimate objectives of Codex Alimentarius can be summarised as follows:

1). The eradication of Organic Farming.

3). The destruction of the Complementary & Alternative Health Care Community.

These core objectives will not be achieved overnight but the players are well versed in Stealth Politics and the Process of Gradualism. The purpose of this Blog is to disseminate information on Codex Alimenatrius so that the casual observer has the opportunity to appreciate the likely outcome of dis-interest or apathy on their part.

Consider the potential imminence of Codex Alimentarius to be a tremendous opportunity to gain insight into the inhumanity of global corporatocracy.

More ... much more to follow.

Meanwhile, please see the following links:

Alliance for Natural Health

Natural Health Federation

Dr. Rath Foundation

If you would like to get regular updates on Codex Alimentarius or wish to participate in the Codex Awareness Initiative, please Email: ianrcrane(at)hotmail(dot)com

Ian R. Crane

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