Monday, 3 December 2007

From Concep$ion to D£ath

A Reflection from 2030

"Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand" - Bodie Thoene

It is almost fifteen years now since organic food disappeared from the supermarkets and ten years since it became illegal for farmers to declare their produce as ‘Organic’, under pain of having their farms confiscated by the recently established North Atlantic Union, an amalgamation of the amalgamation of the EU and North American Union.

The President of the NAU is appointed by the Corporate Council, a body of ‘elders’ whose every decision is dictated by the industrial/military/Agri-pharma complex.

Monsanto have just announced that they now own every seed and plant remaining on the planet. The last remaining natural seeds being destroyed in the ‘accidental’ release of a pernicious DDT derivative that wiped-out the last bastions of natural farming.

The lack of nutrition in the GM foods, coupled with the abolition of the Complementary and Alternative Healthcare industry, has led to a whole host of new debilitating illness & disease. A situation which has resulted in the Pharmaceutical companies reporting record profits, as more and more drugs are developed to fight illness & disease brought about by a diet of GM and processed food. Addiction to prescribed drugs at birth is becoming an increasingly common condition.

How did we ever get into this situation? Well, the history books tell us that in 2009, the first EU President, Tony Blair, signed a piece of legislation called Codex Alimentarius; paving the way for the likes of Monsanto and Big Pharma to begin the process of abolishing organic farming and marginalizing the Complementary & Natural Health Community.

“Why didn’t anyone try to stop Codex Alimentarius from being implemented?” I hear you ask. This is a very good question and one that still baffles people today. Records show that alternative communities like Totnes & Glastonbury were given the opportunity to attend talks and conferences on the subject but there was great apathy.

One report states that when Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioners were told about the imminent threat of Codex Alimentarius, they responded by saying things like, “ No way – they’ll never do anything like that!” or “Oh, that’s so negative … I just don’t give it the energy.”

By 1st January 2010, it was all over. What had become known as the ‘Totnes Bubble’ was well and truly burst. People across the Country took to the streets in their hundreds of thousands as the full realisation hit home … but it was too little, too late. If only the Organic Farmers, Complementary and Alternative Health Industry & Transition Town Communities had united behind the leadership of the Alliance for Natural Health, to fight the implementation of Codex Alimentarius, things might be rather different today. If only …..

For more information on the work of the Alliance for Natural Health, visit:

This article was originally published in the November 2007 edition of Breathing Space Magazine

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