Thursday, 13 March 2008

Alternative Therapies on BBC2

New documentary series travels to the heart of alternative therapies.

Just a few days after the BBC shuts down its Complementary & Alternative Health website, I will be pleasantly surprised if this series is presented as a balanced piece of investigative journalism! - IRC

Alternative Therapies - a 3 part documentary series due to air on BBC Two from Monday 17 March, will follow the personal and scientific journey of Professor Kathy Sykes as she explores three fast-growing alternative therapies: meditation, hypnotherapy and reflexology.

The series, for which a trustee of the Foundation has worked on an advisory capacity, travels to locations around the globe to uncover where these therapies come from, why they are so popular and if and how they actually work.

As her journey unfolds, Professor Sykes looks at some of the impressive claims made by advocates of each therapy and with help of expert scientists, examines how such claims square with clinical and scientific results. She also experiences the therapies for herself and shares her honest reactions.

Alternative Therapies has been fully funded by the Open University. There will be follow-up debates and web-based blogs set up to discuss the issues raised in the programmes. You can reach the discussion sites via

The first programme in the series looks at hypnotherapy, and will be shown on Monday 17 March 2008 at 9.00pm on BBC Two.


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Sophie's review of the show

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