Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Alternative View

The Alternative View

Conference & Workshops

Totnes Civic Hall – 25/26/27th April 2008

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Codex Alimentarius is not a phrase you are likely to hear or read in the mainstream media. The phase simply means ‘Food Code’ or ‘Food Law’, yet the 27 committees of the International Codex Alimentarius Commission are advancing global legislation which will effectively eradicate Organic Farming, in favour of irradiated GM products; and will destroy the Complementary & Alternative Health Community by making it illegal to prescribe, or even recommend, nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs or other natural health remedies.

This pernicious attack on our Health Freedoms is being driven by the corporatocracy of Big Farmer & Big Pharma … yet few people are aware of the Codex steam train coming down the tracks at an alarming rate!

The only 2008 event in the UK, which has been convened specifically to raise public awareness of the UN/EU Codex threat, The Alternative View Conference will take place in Totnes, Devon, described as the alternative Capital of the world.

Confirmed Speakers at the event include:

Phillip Day - Author & Chief Executive of Credence Health Products.
Talk: ‘The New European Order & Natural Health’.

Dr. Robert Verkerk - Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health,
Talk: ‘Codex – The Conspiracy that is no longer a Theory.’

Holly Paige – Proprietor of
Talk: Nutrition & Consciousness

Tony Gosling – Journalist & Ex BBC Reporter
Talk: The Invisible Government

Andy Thomas: Researcher, Author & Political Truth Campaigner
Talk: Making Sense of the Global Agenda

Lucinda Drayton: (Bliss)
Saturday Night Live – In Concert

Ticket Hotline: 01803 840 069 - Earlybird Weekend Tickets – just £79
For more information, please call Ian R. Crane (Event Co-coordinator):

T: 01626 355 857

M: 0779 151 8740


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