Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Alternatitive ReView

An International Conference held in Totnes has been hailed as an outstanding success.

The Alternative View, which was organised by local researcher Ian R. Crane in association with Breathing Space magazine, was held at the Totnes Civic Hall, with a range of speakers including David Icke and attended by people from as far afield as the north of Scotland & Denmark.

The conference’s main focus was the threat to complimentary health and organic farming from the Codex Alimentarius guidelines that are being gradually incorporated into UK law.

The conference was kicked off on Friday evening with an energetic presentation by Phillip Day, the founder of The Campaign for Truth in Medicine, who gave an insightful talk on how simple it is to take control of your food to lead a healthy lifestyle and minimalise risk to conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Mr Day stressed the importance of drinking a couple litres of water a day and eating fresh organic food; he gave several examples of cancer patients who were cured alone by using nutritional food advice.

Dr Robert Verkerk, executive director of the Alliance for Natural Health, started the second day, with a presentation on the implications of the Codex Alementarius commission that threatens complimentary healthcare, vitamin supplements and organic farming. Dr Verkerk explained how it is not the Codex Commission itself that is imposing these restrictions on our freedom to choose, but in fact the European Union that requires all EU member states to implement the Codex Guidelines into their national laws.

Dr Verkerk told a shocked audience how the Codex Guidelines, when implemented, will make the permissible levels allowed in dietary supplements so low that it will render them virtually useless and it will even be illegal for a practitioner to recommend a particular product.

“Any communication about the benefits or health claims of a product would become illegal and also under Article 11 they will ban any weight loss claims of any sort and any claims that refer to behavioural changes. So for example, though we have a very substantial problem in our society with consumption of inappropriate foods, to say that taking Omega 3 fatty acids are good for ADHD children, would be illegal. Yet that may be a very important and fundamental piece of advice a practitioner needs to give to their client or patient."

“Unless your product is licensed as a medicine, you are not allowed to talk about its benefits, even if it is a food. We believe that there's a reasonable chance that the Nutrition and Health Claims regulations could also be illegal under European Law,” said Dr Verkerk.

Ex-BBC reporter Tony Gosling followed with a talk on the secret invisible governments, exposing sinister secretive organisations such as the elite Bilderberg Group that meets every year in secret. Mr Gosling raised laughs when he played a recording of a phone call he received at one o’clock in the morning from a rather inebriated Dr John Reid, former Home Secretary, calling from the USA asking him to shut down his web site www.bilderberg.org, as it was causing frictions between US and Anglo relations.

“I immediately made sure that my web site was updated,” Mr Gosling added to an hysterical audience.

Acclaimed author and crop circle researcher Andy Thomas gave further insight to the global agenda that raised serious questions into the official versions of major world events from the moon landings to the attacks of 9/11. Aided by a powerful visual presentation, Andy Thomas demonstrated how some of the lunar landing photos were clearly faked and how the use of controlled demolition brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Perhaps the most controversial speaker of the event was ecologist Peter Taylor who presented an alternative view to the Global Warming phenomena. Peter Taylor has a long background as an ecological consultant for government agencies and independent companies, including Greenpeace. In his talk he explained how he is concerned that the prevailing models of climate change don’t take changing astronomical influences into account.

“Climate change is happening too fast for it to be caused by man-made carbon emissions,” he said. “The data just doesn’t add up.”

Mr Taylor presented data from NASA and The Hadley Centre in Exeter that showed the Earth has actually started to cool in recent years.

“If I’m right then we will be entering into a period of global cooling,” he added. “And I’m pretty darn sure that I am right.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the speaker who generated the most interest was author and former BBC sports presenter, David Icke, who filled the Civic Hall leaving a few people standing at the back.

Backed up with an array of slides, David spoke for over 2 hours about his perception on world leaders and what he views as the deliberate dumbing down of humanity, by means of controlling the media, television and food supply.

David Icke’s talk was filled with passion and humour, obtaining a few laughs at the expense of George Bush and Tony Blair. “And they say I’m mad,” he joked as he read out some of George Bush’s absurd statements espousing the values of freedom and democracy.

Towards the end of his speech, David talked more about his spiritual take on life and the need for people to use the right creative sides of their brains more. “The dark agenda of the Illuminati is no match for infinite consciousness,” he concluded.

David Icke’s talk did not please all, including local bookshop owner and peace activist, Paul Wesley, who handed out a leaflet to people leaving the event claiming that David Icke was an anti-Semite who sought to 'target, blame, scapegoat and even dehumanise Jewish people.' However, when confronted by one conference-goer who pointed out to Mr Wesley that David Icke’s talk did not include one word of anti-Semitic material, Mr Wesley admitted that he had never read any of Icke’s books and had no idea what his talk was about.

“Perhaps if Paul Wesley had attended David Icke’s talk, instead of handing out erroneous and libellous rubbish outside the venue, he would know that David Icke is not in the least bit anti-Semitic,” said one annoyed conference attendee.

The evening finished with a concert by Lucinda Drayton of Bliss whose beautiful voice and music was a fitting end to the day’s events.

2012 researcher and author, Geoff Stray, started the final day of the conference with a fascinating talk looking at a few of the theories that have been put forward to explain the meaning behind the 2012 prophecies. Nutritionist, Holly Paige, whose talk looked at the link between nutrition, our state of consciousness and the world we collectively create as a result, followed. She looked at how the world situation has changed over millennia and is now changing at an accelerated rate so that the food available is increasingly detrimental to us.

Perhaps the most moving talk of the Alternative View was that of retired trauma surgeon, David Halpin, who portrayed the reality of the situation in Gaza. David’s talk gave a hard-hitting reality to the implications of the policies discussed by many of the speakers. He described the situation on the ground in its awful truth and reminded us that it continues as we speak. He condemned the leaders of America, Israel and the three main political parties in the UK for their inaction and therefore complicity.

He also spoke of the situation in Iraq, showing disturbing pictures of badly burned children, which indicted the use of some kind of secret “thermo nuclear device” used by the Americans.

“It is wrong to harm a single child on this planet,” he said and denounced George Bush and Tony Blair as “war criminals”.

The response of the audience was to contribute financially to David’s charity, the Dove and Dolphin hospital, which has been recently indiscriminately bombed by the Israelis.

The last speaker of the event was none other than conference organizer and host, Ian R. Crane, who thanked all involved and promised future Alternative View conferences, with the next one to be held in London in October. Mr Crane, a researcher on the geo-political agenda, summed up the conference with a presentation of his own research on the world political agenda.

Seven of the speakers ended the conference with an audience participation question and answer session. They stressed the importance of researching further the issues and to keep informed via the Internet. On a positive note, they said this sinister global agenda will not work if we do not allow it and empower ourselves to expose the lies of our governments and present an alternative agenda.


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